No Monster Incinerator In Washington

We have put this website together to bring you all the information we can to fight this dangerous and unwanted Gasification plant on our doorstep

Stop the siting of a Gasification Plant Washington Tyne and Wear

Why is this important?

We the local residents are opposed to the plans for a gasification plant being built on our doorsteps.

residents against the monster incinerator

The increase in traffic to feed the plant would greatly compound Washington's congested roads, additional concerns are the litter, pests & vermin, air quality, odours, noise, safety, health, and effect on the environment that this development would bring.


Please visit our crowdfunding page to raise some much needed funds to help fight the monster incinerator... Your help will allow us to purchase leaflets, t-shirts, banners and spread the word to as many people as we can...

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no monster ininerator in washington
Protesters outside Nissan Plant - Sunderland

The plant could be disastrous both environmentally and economically for Washington. There are proven technologies, better than incineration which can also produce energy with significantly less pollution.

We, the residents of Washington do not want this imposed on our community. We, the local population, our families and our children would have to live with the consequences for many years to come.

This would not only effect the residential areas of Washington, it will also impact local business, schools and neighbouring areas of Sunderland.

Protesters handing over Phase 1 of the petition....9000 signatures!!!

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A concerned resident with Penshaw monument in the background