Interesting activity on the proposed site…

We have recieved the following information regarding the activity on the site of the proposed Incinerator. Cllr Fletcher contacted them on our behalf….

Good morning Cllr Fletcher.
As Les states in his earlier email the work area shown in the photos is the construction compound for the Councils A19 EZ3 development.

This purpose of the project is to provide opportunity for business investment and job creation and includes the following areas of work:
· Realignment of A1290 to the north of Elm Tree Farm Garden Centre (moves road away from the Severn Houses properties);

· Construction of new distributor road through the Enterprise Zone site;

· Widening of Nissan Way to dual carriageway.

The scheme has been developed to also provide a number of ancillary benefits including; improved pedestrian and cyclist facilities; improved bus stopping facilities; improvements to the roundabout at Sulgrave Road / A1290 and an ecological scheme of improvement to the Barmston Mere Nature Reserve.

I have attached a copy of the masterplan for the development showing the final layout of the development.

If you require any further info on this matter please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Chris Wells (Group Engineer)

Highways Design

Infrastructure & Transportation Department

Economy and Place Directorate

Jack Crawford House

Commercial Road



Tel. 0191 561 1616