Interesting activity on the proposed site…

We have recieved the following information regarding the activity on the site of the proposed Incinerator. Cllr Fletcher contacted them on our behalf….

Good morning Cllr Fletcher.
As Les states in his earlier email the work area shown in the photos is the construction compound for the Councils A19 EZ3 development.

This purpose of the project is to provide opportunity for business investment and job creation and includes the following areas of work:
· Realignment of A1290 to the north of Elm Tree Farm Garden Centre (moves road away from the Severn Houses properties);

· Construction of new distributor road through the Enterprise Zone site;

· Widening of Nissan Way to dual carriageway.

The scheme has been developed to also provide a number of ancillary benefits including; improved pedestrian and cyclist facilities; improved bus stopping facilities; improvements to the roundabout at Sulgrave Road / A1290 and an ecological scheme of improvement to the Barmston Mere Nature Reserve.

I have attached a copy of the masterplan for the development showing the final layout of the development.

If you require any further info on this matter please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Chris Wells (Group Engineer)

Highways Design

Infrastructure & Transportation Department

Economy and Place Directorate

Jack Crawford House

Commercial Road



Tel. 0191 561 1616

You can STILL object!!!

Because the statutory period for the receipt of representations expired on 24 November 2017 objections cannot currently be made through the Council’s Public Access system. However, the Council will still accept representations made by email to and by post up to the publication of the committee report, the date for which has yet to be confirmed. The Public Access system will be re-opened once the additional information pursuant to the Council’s Regulation 25 request has been received and publicised.



It was good to meet with the committee running the “No Monster Incinerator in Washington” campaign, to discuss their work to oppose the proposed gasification plant that is currently under planning application, and also to get an update on their plans for the coming months.

The meeting was incredibly informative and I welcome the future plans of the Committee and wholeheartedly offered my support to them, and reaffirmed my opposition to this incinerator being built in Washington. In the coming months, I look forward to working closely with the committee and other residents on this issue facing Washington and the surrounding area.

During the meeting, we also discussed the most recent correspondence I had received from Rolton Kilbride (which can be found on my website) and we will be working together to analyse the response and write a letter back to them. The Committee will be feeding in their comments on the letter in due course, and I will be responding to Rolton Kilbride with further questions and concerns that I have.

This is an incredibly important issue which I know many local residents are deeply concerned about, and I fully share those concerns too. If any constituents wish to write to me with their concerns, then I will forward these on to the Council, so that the Planning Committee can take them into consideration as part of the on-going planning process.

It is of the utmost importance that the voices of local people are heard throughout this process and I will do all that I can to ensure that this happens.

Thank you,

Sharon Hodgson MP
Member of Parliament for
Washington & Sunderland West Constituency

Plume Plotter

I’ve set up the plume plotter and it seems to be running OK. Please check, especially:

I’ve also done some annual mean plots of NO2 fallout, using Newcastle airport weather for 2015 and 2016. These should be compared with their Figure 5.8 (for an unknown year’s weather). My plots (attached) show slightly lower pollution than theirs (1.39 and 1.11 instead of 2.13), but this might be because they chose a bad year (earlier than 2015). Or it might be that they included emissions from the diesel generator and increased traffic? It’s hard to be sure because the air quality assessment is very badly written. E.g. there is no description of Figure 5.8.

latest update… objections link…

Washington Residents object to the INCINERATOR!!!!!
A big thank you to everyone that has helped distribute over 8,000 leaflets and collected 9,000 signatures…objections can still be sent to the Council right up until their Committee Meeting, which could be many months away, not least because it looks like the Council will have to write to the applicant to request further information!..

more info

List of street names that have been leaflet dropped…. please keep sending in any updates….

Cherwell , Manderville, Nene Crt, Banbury, Foxley, Helmdon, Ellen Ter, Station Ter, Rock Ter, Hann Ter, Manor Road, Manor park Est, Cornwalis

Don Gdns, Tyne Gdns, Park Ave, Viola Str, Wood Ter, House Ter, Doncas Ter, Vernon Str, Richardson Ter, Tees Ter, Heworth Crs, The Oval, Baltimore Ct (50-72),Fairways Estate, Ganton Cl, Prestwick,Troon Cl, Turnberry Cl, Muirfield Dr,
Porthcawl, Portrush, Lythum,Portmanarch full Estate,The Farthings full Estate

Muirfield Dr, Prestwick Cl, Troon Cl, Ganton Cl, Porthcawl Dr, Lytham Cl, Turn Berry Cl

Usworth Hall
Marwell Dr, Merevale Cl, Watcombe Cl, Barton Cl, Stedham Cl

Washington Village
Hillrise, Valley forge, Richmond Av, Averbry Dr, Bede Cr, Barrington Dr, Sherwood Dr, Boston Av ,Village Lane

Ovingham, Barmston Cl, Barmston Court, Lakeside Court, Willows Court , Station Terrace, Thomas Street ,Maltby, Emmerson Ter, Beaumont Drive, Park Chase, Talbot, Hogarth Dr, Freesia Grange, Romney Av,Reynolds Avenue, Romney Villas,Biddick View, The Gardens,Parade, Poplars,Gables,Queensway, Eden Villas,Hillthorn Close and Terraces.

Burnhope Rd, Thornhope Cl, Waskeley Rd, Horsley Rd, The Willows, Stockley Rd

Stonycroft, Blencathra, Langdale, Baltimore court

Donevale, Wellburn, Durham Av, Bristol Av, London Av Oxford Av, St Andrews, Eskdale, Kelit Cl, Gardeners Est, Rydale, Coverdale, Kingdale, Weardale, Warkdale, Wensleydale, Hewoth grove, Banks ave

Teal Farm
Thornbridge (37-77), Lydcott, Talgarth, Gossington, Rignall, Kimberley, Toynbee, Barningham, Athelhampton(12-31),Rockingham Dr

Biddick Vls, Biddick View, Appleby Ct, Romney Av, Gainsborough Av,
Reaburn Av, Chacombe, Melrose, Finchale, Walsingham, Revueax, Lindisfarne, Dundrennan, Crevelea, Shap Close, Whitby Drive,

Mitford Cl, Dilston Cl

Brinkburn, Grindledykes,The Pastures, Newman road

Lapwing Cl,Mallard Cl, Partridge Cl (1-50)

Cheviot, Tor Mere, Hedgehope, Emblehope, Baugh Cl, Waldridge Cl, Penyghent Way, Whernside Cl, Ingleborough Cl, Gragareth Way that leads into Cairnbrook and Cairnbrook, Dodfell Swarth Mickle Shunner, Knowlberry

Ferryboat Ln, Washington Rd, Calendonian Rd, Clovelly, Baltimore Av, Baltimore Sq, Benfleet Ave, Barking Cres, Barking Sq, Boston St, Boston Cres, Bristol Ave, Beatty Av, Bathgate Av, Bathgate Square,

Bonemill Lane, St. George’s Est, North and South Cres. South side of Vigo Lane incl shops, post office as far as North Cres. East side of Pinewood Ave.

Beaumont, Harland, Barrington, Henson, Skirlaw.

Here is a link to the Sunderland council website to add your objections

Council meeting Update!!


We were welcomed by several Councillors and invited to stand in the lobby area and hold a peaceful protest and then asked to sit in the public gallery.
Councillor Jill Fletcher then handed over the 9,000 signed petitions to the Sunderland Council & made a statement to why we are objecting to the proposal of the INCINERATOR…
Leaflets are now available for distributing, we will be at the Millennium Centre Thursday evening from 6.30 pm -7.30 pm if you can come along to pick some up.
If any streets are not on the list below that have had leaflets, then message us so we can update it, thank you…

Council meeting on Wednesday…

For all of you attending the council offices on Wednesday, please read the email that was sent to Sunderland Council today. (post to follow inc. Wednesday details)…

Dear Councillor Truman,

Re: Council Meeting 22nd March 17

I am writing on behalf of the “No Monster Incinerator in Washington” group. We would like to offer our condolences in respect of the recent death of Paul Watson.
We will be present at the council meeting on 22nd November to witness the official handing over of our petitions to Sunderland Council.
I would like to reassure you that our presence both inside and outside of the Council will be both peaceful and respectful and not a form of demonstration or protest.

We have been advised that there may be a photographic opportunity – at which point we would hold our posters.

Kind regards

The committee
No monster Incinerator in Washington